Inessa about her blog:

Hello, My name is Inessa Rifkin (aka Mrs. Rifkin).  A couple of words about me — I’m a founder, principal and CEO of Russian School of Mathematics. I’m a math teacher, and above all I’m a mom. On these pages I will log stories of my continuing journey into the world of math education and beyond. I called these blog FromRussiaWithMath with apologies to my friend, colleague, and business partner of 14 years Irina Khavinson who first used this title in her op-ed in the Jewish Advocate.

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  1. Elizabeth Stover Starrett says:

    Hi Ms. Rifkin,
    I am a student pursuing my master’s degree in psychology. I am the mother of four children, my oldest daughter is an attorney in NYC and my youngest son is a first year at Columbia University. I believe in enriching a child’s learning environment, and I am very interested in getting information about your math program. My brother, Matthew Stover, has enrolled his children in the program and speaks very highly of it. I am a numbers person and have always loved math, but my daughters struggled with it through school. I would love to have the opportunity to speak with you about your program.

    Thank you so much,

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